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Welcome to Artistic License Studio!?!?!? We started a brand new website. Check it out at: You can still check here for updated information as well, since both websites will be running concurrently.

This is where creative ideas live!  Browse through and be exposed to the fertile imaginations of the future of entertainment!  Be sure to check the links page for additional enjoyment.

GeoSlashing...the new definition in horror
Will you upload your destiny?

Current news:  We're getting ready to premiere our 5th entry into the Action Film Challenge with McClane this Sunday at the Tampa Pitcher Show at 10:30 AM!!! If you're able to make it, come out and enjoy our film and other great ones!!! We are also hard at work choosing artwork on various books, including: Ken Anthony's Sketchbook Vol. II, The Artistic License Studio Compendium (our guidebook of characters and locales), Predatory Ways # 4 and Solo Shots # 2!!! Stay tuned for more details regarding conventions, films books, F.L.O.W. Wrestling (coming in August) soon!!! Thank you for your support!!!

Solo Shots # 1 Volume II
art by: Adonis Charles, colors by: Rob Richardson

Here's a picture of the Predatory Ways # 2 Volume I

Predatory Ways # 2 Volume I
cover art by: Kashim, colors by: Rob Richardson


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